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I am usually out showing my poultry farm listings, land listings, at a closing or taking a new listing, so if I don't answer, please text me or leave a message. (I have a "Smart" phone that will show a call as "Spam" if I have not talked to you before, so please be sure to leave a message. Thanks!)

Cell &Text: 479-970-3301

I have a buyer for a Broiler farm with 100+ acres. Must show a positive Cash Flow.
Call me if you are ready to sell.

Question: Do we list homes or just Farms and Land? 
Answer: Yes, we sell everything from Poultry Farms, homes, farms, commercial properties, Marinas, RV Parks and ranches.

Question: Should I wait to sell or buy until the interest rates go back down?
Answer: How many years do you have? It may be another 20 years before we see interest rates below 3% again. 

We post our Home and farm listings on those sites specializing in Rural Properties. We've been selling Homes, Farms, and Land for over 40 yrs, 2nd generation Veteran owned Independent business and have such a large buyer data base following our over 200 websites we may already have the right buyer for your property. 

P.S. - I have also sold several area Marinas (Russellville, Dardanelle, Clarksville, Van Buren) a couple Self-service Laundries, etc so yes we do sell all types of Businesses, not only Poultry Farms.
We are previous owners of Strout, C-21, Better Homes and Gardens and United Country franchises. 

Translation help?

Simmons Farms
Aviagen Farms
Georges Farms
Keith Smith Farms
Wayne Farms
Tyson Farms
OK Foods Farms
International Breeders
Cargill Turkey Farms
Butterball Turkey Farms
*NOTE: Lenders doing loans with less than 20% down payment and requiring the FSA Guarantee and are taking 5-6 months to close.
If 17% - 20% Min down payment, lenders may not be required to use FSA guarantees and could save you $1,000's in FSA Funding Fees with a faster closing time
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Agriculture is the world's largest industry. It employs more than one billion people and generates over $1.3 trillion dollars worth of food annually. Pasture and cropland occupy around 50 percent of the Earth's habitable land and provide habitat and food for a multitude of species.


For Your Information

Act 636, which was passed by the Arkansas General Assembly during the 2023 legislative session, prohibits ownership of Arkansas agricultural land by certain “prohibited foreign parties”, which includes individuals or corporations from China.  American citizens of Chinese descent are not prohibited from owning agricultural land.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact
Arkansas Department of Agriculture

2,880 SQFT HOME WITH 2.700 SQFT 8 CAR GARAGE - Knoxville Piney Bay Area  -  $370,000

New Listing (Pending Sale)
Nice Home with 40 Acres and
Six Tyson Contracted Broiler Houses
Near Harrison, AR


Butterball Turkey Farm with 142 Acres
2 Homes and 7 Poultry Houses - Ola, AR area

8 House Broiler farm with 49 Acres -  $82,000 - $95,000 Avrg Gross per flock x 6 - 7 per year  Priced at $2,700,000
Owner expects around $600,000 gross this yr (Office Exclusive)

3,200 Sq Ft Home with 47 Acres North of Clarksville
Beautifully renovated!

SOLD -4 House Broiler Farm near Mansfield, AR
$1,100,000      Office Exclusive

5 House Broiler farm with Home and 24 Acres
Mena, AR area

North of Salus, AR  -  27 miles north of Clarksville off Hwy 21

Why Pay 8% - 10% Commission to an Auction Company
 or other Real Estate Company?
We Have The Best Rates Around - And Get Results!
If your farm will Cash Flow and Appraise, we can sell it!

A Word about "Buyer's Agents"
and the
"Local MLS"

IF you use a "Buyer's Agent" choose very carefully!

If a Real Estate agent feels they need help selling a Home, they can post that listing to an MLS and invite other licensed real estate agents to help sell it. If an agent from another firm brings in the buyer, they will receive a co-broke commission per the MLS agent info sheet.

If a listing is posted to and, as a result of being listed on an outside "National MLS System", some "New" Buyer's Agents don't know how to find a For Sale Property for their buyer unless it is on their, old school local MLS! 

When a prospective buyer signs an "Exclusive Buyer's Agent Agreement", that agent promises to use all available resources to locate properties that meet the buyer's criteria.  If the buyer is working with an agent who does not know how to search for listings on,, etc, that buyer should look for a different agent.

Side Note: Buyer's Agents will not be able to show "Office Exclusive Listings" since the listing office and the seller have signed an agreement to do so. This type listing can save a seller $1,000's in real estate commissions.

Last week a "Buyer's Agent" asked to show one on my property listings.  The listing was a 5% total real estate commission and with a 2.5% co-broke if a "Buyer's Agent" found a buyer. 

In this instance, the Buyer's Agent noticed the 2.5% co-broke commission and then said to my seller, word for word, "About the commission, my brokerage has a policy of not less than 2.7%. What do we do about that".   

That "Buyer's Agent" was indicating they would not tell Their Own Buyer about this property unless the seller agreed to pay the Buyer's Agent a higher commission than the co-broke commission displayed on the MLS sheet.  

Was the "Buyer's Agent" working for their buyer
or for themself ?
Our listings offer great
Virtual Tours
for those who like shopping from home

Please contact us by email, text or cell phone
Don't Wait

We Specialize in
Rural Property
Poultry Farms
Land - Pasture, bordering National Forest, water & river front
Cattle Ranches
and yes, the easiest of all
Homes and Acreages
Arkansas & Oklahoma Licensed

Go directly to our current listing inventory by clicking on
"Current Listings" 

Serving the Real Estate needs of the
Arkansas & Oklahoma
Est 1982

*All Star Real Estate in Clarksville, AR, is an Independent Real Estate Company and is Not Affiliated with any other Real Estate Firm

We Have Buyers for more Mulberry River Properties!

  We "Specialize" in RURAL PROPERTY
Poultry and Cattle Farm Sales anywhere
within the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma
Land and National Forest Property
aMini Ranches

 If your farm will show a sufficient Cash Flow and will
Appraise for the purchase price
we can sell it!

*** WANTED ***
As of September 7, 2023
I have More buyers for the following:
Broiler farms with
4  -  18 Houses.   2012 or Newer
6 - 8 House Broiler Farms in
NW Arkansas
Western Arkansas
Eastern Oklahoma

* Pullet Farms wanted throughout
Arkansas & Oklahoma
Breeder Farms
1 - 12 yrs old
Arkansas & Oklahoma




If it will cash flow, and Appraise, I can sell it!


Hunting Property
Q&A Section:
Question: I am in the process of purchasing Real Estate but also want to borrow money to buy a new car. Should I wait until after I purchase the Real Estate?
Answer: May be best to wait!  But ask your lender first. Make sure an extra Car and Insurance payment will not throw your Income vs Debit ratios off, resulting in denial of your Real Estate Loan.
1031 Exchange Measured from when the relinquished property closes, the Exchanger has 45 days to nominate (identify) potential replacement properties and 180 days to acquire the replacement property. The exchange is completed in 180 days, not 45 days plus 180 days.

Installment Sales
: One Form of Seller Financing
Installment sales of real estate are a form of seller financing. Instead of borrowing money from a bank or other financial institution to pay the seller, the buyer borrows from the seller. The buyer and seller enter into an installment agreement in which the buyer agrees to make a down payment and pay the remainder of the sales price over a term of years. It can be one year or a hundred; it's up to the buyer and seller to decide. The buyer also agrees to pay interest on the payments. Again, it's up to the buyer and seller to agree on the interest rate—it can be higher or lower than the rates mortgage lenders charge. The seller ordinarily takes back a purchase money mortgage from the buyer. This way, the buyer's promise to pay the seller is secured by the property—that is, if the buyer doesn't pay, the seller can foreclose and get the property back.

1031 & Installment Sale


If you are ready to sell, please contact us.
 Serving AR & OK
Steve Hula
 Text & Cell: (479) 970-3301

*We are in & out of cell phone range while traveling much of the time
so please leave a message or text if we do not answer


We also help people find good real estate agents

to help them with their real estate needs in

ANY state in the good ole US of A thanks to our


Our agents offer different areas of expertise including Residential homes, Poultry farms including broiler, breeder, pullet, turkey farms, Rent houses, homes with land, ranches, farms, hunting land ranging in size from a few acres to several thousand, land next to National Forest, businesses, Marinas, Laundromats, restaurants, duplexes

We have sold most of the Marinas in the area, at one time or another.


We Sell more Poultry Farms than anyone in the area
Broiler, Breeder, Pullet and Turkey Farms

We are an
Family Owned & Operated
Steve and Bob are Vets


(Past Strout, Century 21, United Country Real Estate and Better Homes and Gardens Franchise Owners)
We often handle both the
seller AND the buyer in a Real Estate transaction
representing both the buyer & seller (Arkansas)
from start to finish 
Our F/T Real Estate brokers avrg
40 years experience
Please contact us and find out for yourself
our best advertising is word of mouth 
100's and 100's served

Thank You

Bob Hula
Past owner of a Corn, Soybean and Alfalfa farm, Cattle Sheep , Hogs, Residential builder/developer and laundromat

(Korean Vet)

Bonnie Hula
Past owner of a Corn, Soybean and Alfalfa farm, Cattle Sheep , Hogs, Designer Showcase

(Past Pres Arkansas Business Women's Association)

Steve Hula
Past owner of a Tyson Broiler Farm, Cattle Ranch, Corn, Soybean and Alfalfa farm
Flooring Business, Car Wash and Laundromat - 40 Yrs Real Estate Broker

Poultry Farms, Land, Hunting Land and Businesses
(Vietnam Vet)

*All Star Real Estate is an "Independent Real Estate Company" and is not Affiliated with any other Real Estate Company

Specializing in Poultry Farm Sales serving Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Gravette, Summers, Decatur, Clarksville, Lamar, Knoxville, Coal Hill, Hartman, Huntsville, Berryville, Siloam Springs, Jay, Colcord, Big Cabin, Scranton, Charleston, Russellville, Paris, Mansfield, Ozone, Waldron, Sallisaw, Muldrow, Lincoln, Prairie Grove, Greenwood, Roland, Kansas, Miami, Gravette, Decatur, Gentry, West Fork, Berryville, Bergman, Alpena, Harrison, Elkins, Green Forest, Hinesville, Alpena, Omaha, Lead Hill, Marshall, Mountain View, Batesville, Hazen,  Pine Bluff, Hope, Mena, Marshall, Bradley, Texarkana, Atkins, Russellville, Danville,  Dover, Ola, Plainview, Atkins, Altus, Oark, Ozark, Alma, Poteau, Sallisaw, Spiro, Afton, Gentry, Star City, Monticello, Warren,  Hamburg, El Dorado, Prescott, Oden, Danville, Nashville, Murfreesboro, De Queen, Foreman, Ashdown, Malvern, Arkadelphia, Hot Springs, Hartford, Sheridan and areas in between.

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